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The convenient, clean and reliable way to provide heat.


The natural way to provide heat, with a feeling like no other.


The most flavourful and fun way to prepare your food.


The best way to extend your outdoor living season.

From gas and wood outdoor fireplaces

to barbeques and outdoor heaters,

we’ll help you make the most of your home.

Setting up your outdoor living space with fireplaces, barbeques and heating will be the best thing that you can do to your homes exterior. It will extend the season and create a space that the entire family can enjoy – cozy nights around the fire, a barbequed feast fit for royalty and evening get-togethers that extend well into the fall and winter – This is a home upgrade that you’ll never regret.

At Bak Woods Fireplaces and Heating, we sell and install all types of outdoor fireplaces, barbeques and accessories. No matter your needs, there’s a something that will work for you. From gas and wood fireplaces to barbeques and outdoor heaters, we’ll walk you through the entire process and help you to discover a new outdoor experience. Spark some inspiration below…



The ultimate in convenience

Gas fireplaces are easy-on that make

for great last minute get-togethers

The perfect pairing of heat and convenience, gas fireplaces are a great option for your outdoor living space. Install a gas fireplace in a central location and watch the family gather around for endless times and memories that you’ll cherish forever.

The quick on and quick off that only gas can provide means that you are all set for that last minute get together. And when the kids start to get sleepy or the guests start to fade, one quick “click” and you’re ready for bed… no buckets of water or glowing tinder to put out. When you’re out, so is the fire.

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Gas is great but, like the

song says, there ain’t nothing

like the real thing, baby.

When you think of a fire, indoor or outdoor, you most likely think of wood… nothing matches the abstract lick of a wood burning flame and the crackle that only wood provides. The wood burning fire is a hands-on experience from start to finish and perfect for the person that simply loves to engage with the fire.

There’s nothing like throwing another log on or stoking the fire a little to get the flames just right. The natural way to get a fire going, wood is incomparable. Perfect for the a firepit that plays the role of your outdoor hub… if you want the perfect mix of atmosphere and heat, you want wood.

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Seafood, deliciously aged meats

and vegetables… let’s be honest:

They are all better on the grill

Who doesn’t enjoy cooking over a fire. Let us answer that for you… no one. The food is better and, more than that, the whole process is better. From the moment that you spark up the grill to pulling off the most savoury foods that you can make, everyone is happy around the grill.

And we’ve got a great selection of options for you that will ensure that you’ve got plenty to talk about while you all gather ’round your new barbeque. From amazing stand-alone units to the ultimate built-in grills to perfectly finish off your outdoor kitchen, you’ll be happy you spoke with us first.

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Don’t let a change in

the weather force you inside.

It’s hard enough that the seasons change but when that change in the weather forces you inside, that’s even more heart-wrenching. You lose access to precious and comfortable real estate!

So, instead of losing your outdoor living space, extend the season by adding some outdoor heating options. You may just find that cooler weather makes for a better outdoor experience because… NO BUGS!

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